Avior control technologies

Brushless stepper motors

Moteurs DC brushless 195mm

195mm brushless DC motors

AVIOR CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES (USA) is a full service custom motor and motion control company servicing space, aerospace, drilling and high reliability industries.

With decades of experience in aerospace mechanisms and systems engineering, AVIOR CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES can assist you in selecting the best solution for your actuation needs.

For that, AVIOR CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES designs and manufactures a large range of products including:

  • Brushless stepper motors from 13 to 38 mm outer diameter up to 50 VDC
  • Brushless DC motors from 19 to 76 mm outer diameter up to 270 VDC
  • Torque motors up to 255 mm outer diameter
  • Precision gearing
  • Eddy current dampers
  • Resolvers (frameless or housed)
  • Linear actuators
Actionneur pour application en cryogénie

Actuator for application in cryogenics



AVIOR CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES have extensive experience and knowledge in motor applications, actuation control and energy absorption systems adapted to the most severe environments from cryogenic operation (down to 4K) to high temperature operation up to + 260°C.

AVIOR CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES is certified ISO 9110 & AS 9100C.

For more information : www.aviorcontrols.com