Slewing bearings

Reno Gear

RENOGEAR, represented in France by CTI, is part of the XUBI group, a worldwide leader and a reference in mechanical transmission components. RENOGEAR designs and produces slewing bearings from 400 up to 6000 mm external diameter with or without gear both helix and straight. RENOGEAR meets the highest quality standard and is therefore able to meet the current customers’ requirements whether catalogue or customized to specifications or built to print.


The RENOGEAR slewing bearings are made of steel 42 CrMo4 + QT in the following configurations :

  • Single or double row ball bearing
  • Cross roller bearing
  • Three row roller bearing
  • Roller/Ball bearing

The RENOGEAR high tech machinery for turning, drilling, gear cutting, induction hardening and finishing guarantees the requested quality.

RENOGEAR offers slewing bearings for numerous applications such as

  • wind generators, wind powers,
  • heavy duty machinery, mining equipments,
  • cranes (harbor, offshore platforms),

and marine propulsion as well as for positioning radar antenna, turret for military vehicles


RENOGEAR is certified ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2009 and EN 10204-3-2 by the DNV.
The slewing bearings for offshore and marine applications meet the GL-ABS-BV norms.