Slip rings


VENTURETEC ROTATING SYSTEMS covers the entire range of electrical, optical and media rotary joints. With customer-specific rotary joints, combinations of contacting power, signal and data transmission and contactless data as well as power transfer can be carried out together with optical rotary joints and media rotary joints. The range of systems extends from a transmission path up to hundreds of paths, from an outer diameter and length of just a few millimetres up to a few meters and for contactless data rates up to 300 GBit/s and contactless power transmission up to several kilowatts.

Technologie Venturetec


The growing success of VENTURETEC ROTATING SYSTEMS is based on pioneering technology in many areas of slip ring transmission options.

Cylindrical slip rings or disc slip rings, contact or contactless transmission, multichannel fibre optic rotary joints and all types of media rotary connections for water, oil, air, vacuum and other media – all of this is offered by VENTURETEC ROTATING SYSTEMS.

Some areas of application include uses in aircraft, satellites, defence, observation systems, CT systems as well as in all industrial operations which are common for VENTURETEC ROTATING SYSTEMS.

Certified to DIN ISO 9001:2015 and aviation EN 9100:2018, VENTURETEC ROTATING SYSTEMS only supplies high-quality products, to “Made in Germany” standard.

Contact transmission

Building on many years of development and production experience VENTURETEC ROTATING SYSTEMS offers different contact transmission technologies for signal and power transmission. For cylindrical slip ring, a special gold spring wire contact pairing is used along with gold-plated tracks or with silver graphite brushes.

The slip ring design in pancake form uses a specially developed gold-pin technology or even brush technology. This allows signals and data up to 1.5 Gb/s to be transmitted, such as analogue signals, Ethernet signals, digital signals, Video + HD video signals as well as power outputs up to many hundreds of kilowatts.

Transmission par contact
Transmission sans contact

Contactless transmission

Contactless transmissions are increasingly being used in slip ring technology.

VENTURETEC ROTATING SYSTEMS offers capacitive and/or optical solutions for high speed data rate transmission covering the most field buses (Ethernet, GigaEthernet, Profinet, Ethercat…) but also the video HS SDI

For a maintenance-free transmission system, contactless transmission is also the only solution.

Maintenance & repair

VENTURETEC ROTATING SYSTEMS has a repair and maintenance workshop.

Maintenance on customer site possible.

VENTURETEC ROTATING SYSTEMS is also able to carry out repairs and even upgrate electrical slipings from foreign brands.

Venturetec repair

Media rotary Joint

VENTURETEC ROTATING SYSTEMS offers all the possibilities of rotary media transmissions in combination with a slip-ring as well as a stand-alone product.

The following media can be transferred as:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Lubricant grease
  • Vacuum
  • Other special liquids

Special sealing methods ensure very high pressures and rotation speeds for 1-channel or multi-channel rotary media joints.


Components & systems

We use our many years of experience and sophisticated production expertise in the areas of sheet metal working and machining to manufacture your products.

We use modern, reliable and flexible processes, assisting you in the production of your individual product requirements from the development phase through to quality assurance.

We support you in the production of everything from individual parts or samples and prototypes up to and including series production. Our goal is to sustainably improve your added value through continuous improvement processes.


In combination with component manufacturing, we can also install subsystems or assemblies.

We integrate components manufactured in-house or provided by you into high-quality mechanical or mechatronic subsystems.

Highly competent support from the development phase all the way through implementation is part of our service.